Submitted by Adventurers in Sherwood Forest, grades 2-3

We went swimming, did arts and crafts and boating and did archery! We can’t wait for archery tomorrow because maybe we will get a bulls eye!


Submitted by Pony Tails, grades 2-3

The girls practiced their archery skills today at the archery range. All the girls hit the target at least once! We are excited to go to the barn today and learn all about horses!


Submitted by Adventures in Sherwood Forest, grades 2-3

Today, we went swimming, played water games, played with the kiddie car wash and tie dyed!! Swimming was our favorite part because it was refreshing! Today was fun. We can’t wait to cook donuts tomorrow for snack!


Submitted by Pony Tails, grades 2-3

After a nice refreshing swim in the pond, the Pony Tails relaxed at the picnic table by their cabin and worked in their Journey books. The read the story of Genevieve, the Girl Scout Senior whose troop worked with a refugee family from Somalia. Genevieve’s story was an inspiration to the Pony Tail girls.

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Submitted by Cookin’ Craftin’ and Craziness

Today was our first day of camp. We played games, swam and painted rock “friends”. We saw fish in the pond during our swim time. Swimming was our favorite part of the day. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to archery!

"CCC" group Painting Rock Friends

“CCC” group Painting Rock Friends